Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did you start this business?

My idea for Choose To Be Nice started back in 2012. We could connect so easily as social media was becoming a more prevalent part of our lives. My son, a teen at the time, was active on social media and as a mom, I worried about his well-being. At the same time, stories of young lives lost due to incidences of bullying and other negative behaviors were becoming more widespread.

April 15, 2013 is the day that propelled me into action. I was working in the professional world when I heard about the Boston Marathon bombings. I knew then it was time for me to make my own choice; the world needed Choose To Be Nice.

2. Are you a not for profit?

We are a for profit, mission driven business offering kindness curriculums for grades K-8 to easily integrate into a school's learning environment. We also offer a variety of Choose To Be Nice gear and merchandise.

3. Why do you sell merchandise?

We are committed to making the world a nicer place one interaction at a time. Research shows that wearing positive messages affects both the individual wearing the message and those he/she interacts with. Merchandise sales assist us in executing on our mission overall and funds the development of our school curriculums for grades K-8.

4. Why do you have curriculums for grades K-8?

We believe starting in schools will help us create a nicer world. We offer social and emotional learning curriculums (SEL) for K-12 educators to build lasting cultures of kindness. From school, the CTBN message spreads to home, to the workplace and extends to the community.

5. How can I help you spread the word and make the world a nicer place?

Go to our website and make the promise. Introduce us to your school principal. Buy merchandise. Introduce us to your workplace. Follow us on social media and share our message.